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Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself!

At Love Your Neighbor Company we strive to teach children to “Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself.”

Love Your Neighbor (Everyone is my Neighbor!)
As you Love Yourself (Becoming Your Best Self!)

We offer Lesson Books aimed at children ages 3-7, Coloring Books, Books with Various Interiors such as composition notebooks, sheet music, blank comic book paper, etc, Downloadable Worksheets as well as Teacher and Parent Resources.

Choose the materials that work best for your child(ren) or classroom!


Can I use these lessons in my school classroom?

Yes! This curriculum was tested for one school year in a Kindergarten classroom. Each lesson contains 10 activity sheets. If used each weekday, these lessons will last 2 weeks each. There are 20 lessons for a total of 40 weeks of material! These lessons work great for teaching SOCIAL SKILLS, CHARACTER EDUCATION, and CLASSROOM COMMUNITY. Check them out in our Teachers Pay Teacher store!

Can I use these lessons in my church or home?

Yes! There is a Faith-Based Parent and Teacher Guide that would be a perfect companion for those wanting to use these lessons in a church or home setting!

Why are some of the coloring books priced higher than others?

Some of our coloring books include full-color pages spreads inside! We want to display various skin tones and help inspire children to add their own tones. The books with the full-color spreads cost more due to the cost of coloring printing.

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